Plugging for Steelhead

Fishing 411 host Mark Romanack, jumps on board with river guide Bob Ison of Another Limit Guide Service to showcase traditional plug fishing tactics for fishing river steelhead during the winter months.

Trout of a Lifetime

In this episode Jake Romanack of Fishing 411 teams up with Captain Travis White of Keweenaw Charter Fishing Company showcase a fishery that is rarely experienced, but has the potential to deliver world class trout on every cast.

Blade Bait Walleye

During the end of March and all of April, literally millions of walleye converge on the spawning reefs of Lake Erie’s western basin. One of the most unique ways of targeting these fish is with a little known lure called the blade bait.

Kalamazoo River Silver

Fishing 411 Host Mark Romanack and Yakima Bait pro staffer Josh Crabtree target steelhead using some unorthodox methods in Michigan’s Kalamazoo River.

Post-Spawn Pike

Mark and Jake Romanack travel to Lake Nipigon to western Ontario to sample the region's post-spawn pike fishing opportunities.

Lake Ontario's Summer Kings

Fishing 411 host Mark and Jake Romanack travel to the famed Niagra Bar, to target king salmon in early summer using rotators and meat rigs, a favorite presentation with local charters.

A New Spin on Brook Trout

Lake Nipigon is unique in that this sprawling fishery is the largest lake in Ontario and it is also the home of the world recrod brook trout.

Honoring America's Purple Hearts

Every June an organization known as Walleye For Wounded Heroes sponsors an outreach event that teams up fishing professionals with over 100 Purple Heart recipients from all across America.

Raining Down Rainbows

Mark Romanack of Fishing 411 and tournament professional Rob Jones of Detroit target steelhead along the north shore of Lake Erie in Ontario waters.

Power Shotting Largemouth

The drop shot rig is a stable presentation among bass anglers who love to use light tackle. Mark Romanack of Fishing 411 joins forces with Ben Neilson of the Ultimate Sport Show Tour, to showcase an all new bass fishing technique known as “power shotting”.

Lake Erie 1-2 Punch

Yakima Bait's Jarod Higginbotham and Jake Romanack of Fishing 411 team up on Lake Erie's fishing spinners on one side of the boat and crankbaits on the other.

Erie Fall Brawl

The Fall Brawl is about catching big walleye and trolling crankbaits is how this contest is routinely won year after year.