Babe Winkelman's Outdoor Secrets - the Complete 2017 Season

Episode 1: Winkelman at Warren’s for Whitetail
Two nationally renowned TV hosts and hunters get together to hunt, talk and practice whitetail management at Keith Warren’s private ranch in Texas.

Episode 2: Multiple Method Gobblers
Shotgun, bow, and crossbow techniques at the Winkelman family Ranch in central Minnesota for wild tom turkeys.

Episode 3: Into Ontario for Berries and Black Bear
Mother and daughter, Kris and Karlee Winkelman, go bow hunting for black bear and blueberry picking in Northwestern Ontario.

Episode 4: Overwhelmed In Kansas
In Kansas, Karlee Winkelman encounters a monster whitetail, nicknamed the "Flyer Buck" that changes her perspective on deer hunting forever.

Episode 5: Stalking Fiasco For South Dakota Bucks
Babe and a friend experience an unbelievable archery whitetail hunt full of twists and turns that finally ends in success.

Episode 6: Bullish on Utah Elk
Kris visits the R & K Hunting Company in Utah on a spot and stalk mission for pre-rut elk that involves two different hunting methods.

Episode 8: Thunderstick Ringnecks
Babe and a group of friends travel to South Dakota, to experience perhaps the world’s best pheasant hunting at a truly impressive 5 star lodge.

Episode 9: Tom Tales from Kansas, Part 1
Babe and a slough of his daughters make their annual spring migration south to go turkey hunting together.

Episode 10: Tom Tales from Kansas, Part 2
The Winkelman wild Turkey hunt continues in Kansas, where the big toms are in the mood to put on quite a show

Episode 11: Big Game Hunting Here and There
First, Babe’s off to Utah, where he experiences one of the fastest mule deer hunts imaginable. Then, pro-staffer Wayne Enger shares an exciting wild hog hunt down in Oklahoma.

Episode 12: Crooked Hook Ontario Waterfowl
Some of the best waterfowl hunting lies north of the Canadian border and our camera crews travel to Ontario to bring back the story.

Episode 13: Makin’ It Happen at Home for Toms
Join the Winkelman’s at their ranch in Central Minnesota, where the tradition each Spring is getting together to go wild turkey hunting.