Adding a New Video Episode to GetOutdoorsTV with Tempest


After watching this video GetOutdoorsTV Publishers will know how to success create a new Video Episode. We cover uploading the new video asset and supplying all the necessary information to publish.

In order to successfully publish a video episode you will need:

  1. Your video asset downloaded locally to your device. We support MP4, MOV and AVI file formats
  2. (Optional) thumbnail image (16:9 aspect ratio) to show with your video, in the case you don't like the automatically chosen image
  3. Title - all video episodes must have a title
  4. Short Summary/Dek - compelling text that is shown in search results or home pages to promote the video
  5. Description/Body - more text describing what the user will see in the video that is displayed on the article page
  6. Promo Image - this image will be shown from home pages or search results to promote the episode
  7. Author - you must assign the episode an author
  8. Section - all new episodes will be place in the New Episodes section. The team from GOTV will place it in the right section at the time of publishing.
  9. Slug - this will form the unique url to the video and must be unique
  10. Sending the mail to to publish the video

In less than 10 steps you can request to have your video published on GetOutdoorsTV. Please watch the video and leave questions in the comments.