What you'll need:

  • A Title
  • Video file ​(Maven supports MP4, MOV, AVI file formats)
  • A "Header Image" or screenshot from the video that can be uploaded as the thumbnail or start-frame (this is optional but will make your post more visually appealing)
  • Story Summary (short preview of 30-120 characters)
  • Story Body (a longer summary, description or transcript of your video which is beneficial for both the viewer and SEO)

I have my assets. Now what?

You can refer to this video that walks through the upload and publishing process, or follow these steps:

● Make sure you’re logged in (your avatar will display on the far left of the page just below the search magnifying glass icon - if you’re logged out, you’ll see “Login”)

● Select the “room” (topic) you will be posting to. These run horizontally across the top of the site - Hunting, Fishing, Shooting Sports, etc.

● Click the “Start a new post!” text field, and then “Create Story”

● You are now in the Maven editor where you will upload your video by entering the required assets at the top of this post

● To upload your video, click the video upload icon to the right of the Video Embed text field:

This will take you to the desktop of your computer where you can select any video file. After you’ve selected the video, you’ll see a progress indicator as it uploads.

Upon completion, a Maven video link will populate in the Video Embed text field.

  • Enter your Story Summary text. This is the snippet that will be used when your post is shared on social media and when it appears in search engine results pages.
  • Enter your Story Body. This text should complement the video, summarize it or provide additional commentary
  • Once you’ve entered your Story Summary and Body, click the “Publish to Review” button at the bottom of the editor to publish your video
  • Publishing to Review will post the video story in a draft state, where the Get Outdoors team can then review the content before approving it to be publicly visible